Design concept

The design concept Beatlash is a expressive performance controller to play Dubstep music live, with and for other people. The controller is embedded in a system of other products to enable operation. The phone is the sound engine, external speakers or headphones render the sound. Using the phone’s network capabilities performers can connect to each other.


The video shows the social and cultural dimension of the product concept Beatlash and explains the basic working princinple of the music controller. The prototypes used in the video are first generation functional, working prototypes. However, due to pragmatic reasons the music shown is an example of what could be possible with the Beatlash and not a live recording.


A wearable device

Beatlash is not supposed to be hidden in a bag, instead the device can be clipped to the musicians cloth and carried on the body, just like fashion products. This way performers can recognize each other and start jamming, at any place.

Beatlash „worn“ on the body


Beatlash clipped to a part of clothing


The design model in detail


Spontaneous jamming session with other performers

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